HC19 L-Type Fermented Lactobacillus Calcium Supplement

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calcium supplement

Unit Price : SGD150 / Spoon Unit Price : SGD1


  • Calcium Lactate (L-Calcium Lactate)

  • NcCI-Decreased Brine (Saline Lake)

  • Casein Phosphopeptide (CPPIII) (from Milk)

  • Vitamin D3


  1. Unique technology in Japan to produce our product. It is a supreme high quality Calcium, Highly-Soluble form of Calcium and can be absorbs by our body easily.

  2. Fortified with Vitamin D3, High Unit CPPIII( C.P.O.P) improves the body absorption of Calcium.

Directions & Dosage

  1. Can be consumed directly. 10 to 30 balls for 2 to 3 times per day.

  2. Can be cooked with rice. Use 10-15 balls with one cup of rice for standard proportion.

  3. Can be cooked with soup. Put 10-30 balls per serving.

  4. Can be cooked with any kinds of dishes.

Preservation Instructions

  1. Store in a cool, dry place while avoiding direct sunlight.

  2. Use within 6 months of first opening.

  3. Please confirm the ingredients before taking this product if allergic to dairy products.

When do you need this?

  • Children development

  • Puberty

  • When you have an imbalanced diet

  • Menopause

  • Pregnancy

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