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Neck Warmer (1 per pack)
Red, Purple, Navy Blue, Grey, Black, Ivory, Kitty Blue, Kitty Pink
Free Size   S$60


新護颈 (一件装)
Neck Warmer (1 per pack)

颜色 Colour 尺寸 Size 价格 Price
红色 Red FREE SIZE SGD $60
紫色 Purple
深蓝 Navy Blue
灰色 Grey
黑色 Black
米白 Ivory
凯蒂蓝 Kitty Blue
凯蒂粉 Kitty Pink
Features : 【1】 Made with a soft, comfortable weave and show a unique taste.
【2】 Protects the wrist with warmth and comfortable.
【3】 L size can be used at the ankle part.

2440 2443
Clean Cloth (2 per pack)
17x60cm   S$40
Large Clean Cloth
35x100cm   S$95

2449 2449P
Teviron Bow Scarf
38x150cm   S$145
Teviron Stripes Bow Scarf
38x150cm   S$150

white White - Sold!
magenta Magenta
dull_green Dull Green
purple_white Purple White
silver_white Silver White
Negative Ion Scarfs (100%)
Good for headache, prevents coughing and sorethroat
S$47 per piece

green-design Green
brown-design Brown
purple-design Purple
Mouth Pad / Health Mask (100% Negative Ions)
S$58 per piece

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